Mixed Race by Jayne Olorunda

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I am Northern Irish, but I am also black and this is not a comfortable position to be in, at times it has felt like a disastrous combination. My story came to public attention when I wrote ‘Legacy’ a book about my families experiences in Northern Ireland. It documents the difficulties we faced with identity and of course the sometimes impossible realities of assimilation. I was born and bred in Northern Ireland and I imagine that I am among a small handful of people of colour who can say that. It is sad that even now in my thirties black faces in Northern Ireland still stand out in the crowd. As such we have become targets to those elements in our society determined to keep their society white, those intent on living in bitterness.”

Read Whole Article Here on Mixed Race Family.

the secret vaults of heaven

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Originally posted on Miss Rosen:

Olmec head, San Lorenzo, Mexico, circa 1946

Olmec head, San Lorenzo, Mexico, circa 1946

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon,
who could not be happy?
~Oscar Wilde

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Understanding and Identifying Dissociation in Children and Adults

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Another excellent article explaining dissociation.

Originally posted on Hope for Survivors of Abuse:

Link to "Information for Survivors of Sexual Violence - Dissociation"

Link to “Information for Survivors of Sexual Violence – Dissociation”

Hidden Hurt explains how dissociation occurs in children:

The unconscious is like a great holding area or reservoir of unprocessed events. Anything we don’t or can’t assimilate consciously goes there. The unconscious holds irrelevant things such as images of strangers we see on the street. It also holds important things that need to be brought into conscious awareness but may be too big to fit our existing system (conscious mind). There are times when people are unable to fully assimilate the significance of an overwhelming experience such as a car accident. One of the passengers calmly calls an ambulance, administers first aid, and reroutes oncoming traffic. Once the ambulance arrives, she falls apart and cries hysterically. In order to take care of the immediate priorities, she dissociated her feelings and emotions temporarily. The dissociation allowed her to break up the…

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Excellent post on PTSD.

Originally posted on Difficult Degrees:


COMPLEX PTSD…( DESNOS: disorder of extreme stress not otherwise specified…PTPD:Post-Traumatic Personality Disorder…SURVIVOR)

I’m a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.  It began when I was a toddler, when my mother married my abuser (unknowingly), and continued on and off throughout my entire life at home.  I am Bipolar, I have ADHD, I have Dissociative Amnesia, Depersonalization, Anxiety (obviously), Dissociative Fugue, and Complex PTSD.  When the Complex PTSD began to really fester in me (one year ago, though there were ptsd symptoms since ten years ago)–just before I admitted myself to “the bin”–I was also suffering from psychotic episodes and those–now THOSE were mind-shattering and terrifying–like I wasn’t scared enough with the flashbacks and the delusions and the hearing of voices brought on by extreme stress.  Complex PTSD is the mother of them all, except the Bipolar–that’s the only disorder I was not given but was born with.  These words…

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Igbo Proverbs

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No matter how deep you dive into water to eat banana, the skin will surface.

You don’t have to tell a deaf man that war has broken out.

A tsetse fly perched on the scrotum must be chased away with extreme care.

It is water which drowns people it is still water people must drink.

Who gave the toad the privilege of wearing a coat?

Count your teeth with your tongue.

If you look only in one direction your neck will become stiff.

It is only when you are close to man that you can begin to smell his breath.

What a young man cannot see standing atop a tall iroko tree, the experienced aged fellow already observes squatting on the grass mat or goat skin on the ground.

It is impossible for a person to be cooking food and at the same time tapping palm wine.

Quote for Today: Radical Hope


To the people who need to hear this:

“Okay. You’re better than me. Now, go enjoy being better than me and leave me alone.”  RadicalHope.

For Those Who Love To Read.

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