Quote for Today: Radical Hope

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To the people who need to hear this:

“Okay. You’re better than me. Now, go enjoy being better than me and leave me alone.”  RadicalHope.

For Those Who Love To Read.

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Quote for Today

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“All great fortunes are amassed with either cheap or slave labor.” Bill Russell

Do you know the circumstances of your birth?

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Not really. This is what I know.

My mother got pregnant with my older sister Shannon, she says, the first time she had sex, and for the most part I believe her. Mom was 17. It was 1956 and she had to drop out of school. She lived with my Grandmother and Grandma told her if she got pregnant again she would have to leave.

In 1961 Mom got pregnant with me and true to her word, Grandma told her to leave. My father’s parents lived down the street from Mom and Grandma, but he didn’t live with his parents; Dad had his own place.

They never lived together. Dad would come over and stay awhile and then after a week or so go back to his own apartment.

I heard this question in an interview with Anna Deveare Smith by Bill Moyers.

We Need Your Submissions!

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Originally posted on BITCHTOPIA:

Dear wonderful readers,

I wanted to take a break from our hard-hitting articles and fancy photos to remind you that we run off of your submissions. We love having a group of regular contributors, but also thrive off of one-time submissions. If you’d like to join our team or just share a piece of art work from your collection, send us an email at Btopia.Mag@gmail.com. You can also find us on twitter, @bitchtopiamag

Don’t worry– we’ll be back to our regular scheduled posts tomorrow at 12:01am!

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Quote for the Day-Rumi

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Is this true? If it is, is it worth the pain?

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Have you ever been close to death? TRIGGERS WARNING!

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Have you ever been close to death? Yes. When I was a toddler my father stuffed my head in the toilet after he took a shit, then he raped me, and smothered me with a pillow because I fought him. He put the pillow over my head, and at some point I could no longer breathe. When I stopped struggling and let go of the terror of not being able to breathe, I felt at peace.

There were some people up and around a corner (in my mind?) who said they were very happy to see me. I was happy to see them too. I felt so much joy, more joy that I had ever felt. They were familiar to me.

As soon as I was about to see who they were Dad pulled the pillow off my head. Probably because I had stopped moving. He wasn’t sure if he had killed me. I think he had mixed feelings about it. He wanted to kill me, but wasn’t sure how he could explain to the police. It was disappointing. I wanted to be back with those good people who liked and loved me.

Do you know the circumstances of your birth?

These questions came from an interview with Anna Deavere Smith by Bill Moyers.


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