32 Days of Love for Detroit #9

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The Detroit Walk to Freedom

From Wikipedia: “The Walk to Freedom was a mass march during the Civil Rights Movement on June 23, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. It drew crowds of an estimated 125,000 or more and was known as “the largest civil rights demonstration in the nation’s history” up to that date.”  “It was a precursor to his famous “I Have a Dream” speech given weeks later in Washington, D.C.. The march itself was, to King and his supporters, partly a practice run of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Whole Story on Wikipedia

Text of King’s Speech in Detroit

Recording of Speech on Youtube


Georgia plans to cancel over 300,000 voter registrations

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Here and Now is what is going on.

Schools Are Shaming Kids Who Can’t Afford Lunch

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“Lunch-shaming bans are steps in the right direction. But it doesn’t address the root cause: Not every student can afford lunch.”

“There are many factors that can lead to a family acquiring lunch debt. For example, immigrant families might fear filling out the federal form, even though non-U.S. students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Or families may need some financial support but not technically qualify for free or reduced lunch. The application process can be lengthy and cumbersome, so families may fill out the form incorrectly, and unknowingly rack up meal debt. Some families are uncomfortable asking for assistance, while other families might not know they qualify for it.”

“Students going into debt can often be a flag that something more is happening in the household,”

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32 Days of Love for Detroit:#8

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DPL News
No More Overdue Fines…@ Your Detroit Public Library

Click Here for the News.

32 Days of Love for Detroit:#7

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Gilda Snowden-artist, writer, curator, professor and lifelong Detroiter. Bio

I’ve got to find me a print of the abstract.


Chair and Self Portrait



32 Days of Love For Detroit: Elmore Leonard is #6.

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He wrote the stories adapted into the movies Jackie Brown, Get Shorty, and the television show Justified.

To read some of Detroit author Elmore Leonard’s Greatest Opening Lines: Click here

Bio from Wikipedia

32 Days of Love for Detroit:#5

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32 Days of Love for Detroit:#4

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32 Days of Love for Detroit:#3

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“To His Coy Mistress in Detroit”
by Michelle Brooks

Some guy in line at CVS starts
babbling about the end times, rapture,
yelling, Do you watch the news?
Do you see how everything is going
to hell? The checkers says, Fool, look
around you. The end times already
come and gone in Detroit and we still
here. I hand her the vodka that I’ve
been clutching as if it might save me,
if from myself if nothing else. End
time, the checker says. I heard that
one before. Men always saying some
shit to get you into bed, and I shake
my head and say, Don’t I know it.


32 Days of Love for Detroit:#2

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City Nights
by Naomi Long Madgett

My windows and doors are barred
against the intrusion of thieves.
The neighbors’ dogs howl in pain
at the screech of sirens.
There is nothing you can tell me
about the city
I do not know.

On the front porch it is cool and quiet
after the high-pitched panic passes.
The windows across the street gleam
in the dark.
There is a faint suggestion of moon shadow
above the golden street light.
The grandchildren are upstairs sleeping
and we are happy for their presence.

The conversation comes around to Grampa Henry
thrown into the Detroit River by an Indian woman
seeking to save him from the sinking ship.
(Or was he the one who was the African prince
employed to oversee the chained slave cargo,
preventing their rebellion, and for reward
set free?)
The family will never settle it; somebody lost
the history they had so carefully preserved.

Insurance rates are soaring.
It is not safe to walk the streets at night.
The news reports keep telling us the things
they need to say: The case
is hopeless.

But the front porch is cool and quiet.
The neighbors are dark and warm.
The grandchildren are upstairs dreaming
and we are happy for their presence.

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