“Lou the Prophet”   Willa Cather.   Read

The Offshore Pirate”  F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Pretty girl meets her match.  Read

Devil In A Blue Dress   Walter Mosley.  Private Eye murder mystery.

Their Eyes Were Watching God    Zora Neale Hurston.   Rite of passage of woman from teenager to woman.

I Am The New Black   Tracy Morgan with Anthony Bozza


The Bet”   Anton Chekov.   Questioning of human failings and life’s meaning:: read

War Of The Worlds    H. G Wells  Apocalyptic Science Fiction.   Read Here.

Blackberries, Blackberries    Lives of African American women, short stories.  Crystal E. Wilkinson

On Being 100: 31 Centenarians Share Their Extraordinary Lives And Wisdom  Liane Enkelis

The Color Purple  Alice Walker     An abused girl’s rite of passage through rape, emotional abuse, and domestic violence to achieve womanhood.  Women and relationships.

Charles and Emma   Deborah Heiligman     Biography of Charles and Emma Darwin.   Young Adult

Nothing But Ghosts    Beth Kephart   Girl unravel a town’s long held secret.  Young Adult

Voices In The Evening    Natalia Ginzburg

lost in language & sound or how i found my way to the arts  Ntozake Shange

“The Yellow Wallpaper”  Charlotte Perkins Gilman”  Read story here.

Witches and Witch-hunts: A History Of Persecution   Milton Meltzer   Young Adult

When You Are Happy   Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Geraldo Valerio*  Children’s Book

A Child’s Book of Blessings  Compiled by Sabrina Dearborn, Illustrated by Olwyn Whelan*

The American Heritage Short History Of The Civil War    Bruce Catton

Belle’s Song   K.M. Grant  The Canturybury Tales from the perspective of a young woman on the pilgrimage.  Young Adult

Letter To My Daughter   Maya Angelou  Autobiography

The Juniper Tree”   Brothers Grimm  Fairy Tale (you probably wouldn’t want to read it to a child.Story here.

Home of the Brave   Katherine Applegate   Young Adult

Passing   Nella Larsen.  Women is pulled into a relationship a with woman passing for white.   Read here.

“Going Into Exile”   Liam O’Flaherty  Brother and sister emigrate to American from Ireland.

*How To Be Black   Baratunde Thurston.  Hilarious satire and serious look at race.

Somehow Tenderness Survives: Stories Of Southern Africa   Selected By Hazel Rochman

Catching Fire   Suzanne Collins  I can’t figure out if this series is Young Adult.  It’s very violent, maybe too violent for teenagers.

Mockingjay   Suzanne Collins  Young Adult

The March  E.L. Doctorow

The Hunger Games   Suzanne Collins  Young Adult

Aretha From These Roots    Aretha Franklin and David Ritz 

The Invisible Princess   Faith Ringgold   Children’s Book

Golem   David Wisniewski  Children’s

Hospital Sketches  Louisa May Alcott Read

Mosses From An Old Manse: “Earth’s Holocaust”  Nathaniel Hawthorne  Short story read

“Toga Party”  John Barth.  Retired couple contemplate old age and death.

“The Molestation of Skinny Boys”   Jackson Bliss.  An American man visits his family in Africa.  

“Preservation”   Raymond Carver   A wife’s vision of life is clearer when her husband loses his job.

“Snow Drop”  Tanith Lee.  Futuristic version of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”  Read

Mothers of Invention   Drew Gilpin Faust.  Researched study of the lives of white southern women during the Civil War.

Behind A Mask   Louisa May Alcott   Read

Lot 249″   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  A man and a mummy create havoc at Oxford.  Read here.

The Snow Queen   Hans Christian Anderson  Children’s, but Preteen, Teen, and Adult Parts like it too.   A girl searches goes on a journey searching for her friend who has been kidnapped by a supernatural being.  Fantasy. Read Here.

The Emperor’s New Clothes  Hans Christian Anderson  Children’s – All parts love it.  Read.

Miss Tempy’s Watchers”  Sarah Orne Jewett.  Two women spend the night watching over a dead friend.   Read.

Pygmalion  George Benard Shaw. Man tries to make a woman over in his image.  I think the preface is tedious.  Read.

“Behind The Scene”  Sarojini Sahoo.  A middle-aged woman considers the result of her choices in life. Read

The Teacher who Forgot Too Much: A Field Trip Mystery   Steven Brezenoff.  Children’s   Classmates solve a mystery.

Sadie and Ratz  Sonya Hartnett.  Very Handy.  Children’s

A Short History of Reconstruction, 1863-1877.   Eric Foner

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Washington Irving   Children’s   Read.

“Rip Van Winkle.”   Washington Irving   Children’s   Read.

Hansel and Gretel.”   Brothers Grimm   Children’s   Read.

“Snow -White and Red- Rose.”   Brothers Grimm   Children’s?   Read

“A Lodging For The Night”   Robert Louis Stevenson   Short Story     Read   A thief and a knight spend the night together.

The Island of Dr. Moreau   H.G. Wells    Read   Young Adult

In A Camel’s Eye      Ben and Bekah Merkle  Children’s   Robbers attack a caravan.

The Tide   Sally Cartwright  Children’s   Explanation of the moon’s pull on the earth’s waters.

“Turning Tide”   Laila Lalami   Short Story   A man in Tangier tries to decide whether to live with his family or his money craving mistress.   Read

The Four Million   O. Henry  Short Stories
“The Brief Debut of Tildy”    Read
“After Twenty Years”   Read
“The Caliph, Cupid and The Clock”   Read
“The Gift of the Magi”   Read

Puss In Boots  Charles Perrault   Read

Raymond Carver’s (1938-1988) short stories are about the struggles of working class Americans. They’re insightful and well written, but depressing at times.  Some stories may stir up triggers.

“I Could See the Smallest Things”   Raymond Carver   Read

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”   Raymond Carver   Read  Love, love. love. Love.

“Cathedral”  Raymond Carver  Read   What can the blind teach those with sight?

“Menudo”  Raymond Carver   The story is from Where I’m Calling From: Stories.

In the middle of the night, the narrator reflects on his relations with three women: his current wife, Vicky; his ex-wife, Molly; and the neighbor with whom he is having a sexual affair, Amanda. He looks out his window and sees the lights on at Amanda’s house and wonders what she is doing. After Amanda’s husband Oliver discovered her affair with the narrator, he left the house, giving Amanda an ultimatum to move out within a week. Vicky also knows of the affair and is now snubbing him. It is not clear how their relationship will end or what kind of a future relationship he will have with Amanda. He reflects on his treatment of his ex-wife, Molly. She loved him unconditionally. When he left her for Vicky, she had a breakdown and was sent to a mental institution. The narrator had trouble dealing with Molly’s breakdown—while attending a drinking party at an artist friend’s house (Alfredo), he began to shake uncontrollably. The friend said he would fix him a menudo, a Latino stew made of tripe, sausage, onions, tomatoes, chili powder, and other ingredients. The menudo would calm him down. But the narrator fell asleep before the menudo was ready and as a consequence he never sampled it. As the narrator reflects on his life with the three women, dawn arrives. Looking outside, he sees leaves scattered on his lawn. He dresses, grabs a rake and rakes and bags the leaves on his lawn. Then he begins raking a neighbor’s lawn, and the story ends.  Copied from Wikpedia.

“The Last Man”  by Anonymous. From The End of the World: Classic Tale of Apocalyptic Science Fiction.  Compiled by Michael Kelahan

“Gabriel Ernest”  Saki (Hector Hugh Marone)  I love the first line in this story: “There is a beast in your woods.”   Read

“The Canterville Ghost”  Oscar Wilde   Read   Pre-teen or Tweens

Margaret and the Moth Tree   Brit and Kari Trogen Pre-teen

“The Goddess in the Ice”   Harlan Ellison   Speculative Fiction

“The Darling”  Anton Chekhov   I wanted to slap the protagonist.   Read

Passing   Nella Larsen  I could read it a million times and I will.  Read

Premonitions   Jude Watson   Young Adult

How the Fisherman Tricked the Genie: A Tale Within a Tale Within a Tale.  Hitoba Sunami   Children’s

“Roman Fever”   Edith Wharton   Read

“Xingu”   Edith Wharton   Read

she said/she saw  Norah McClintock   Young Adult

“Going For A Beer”    Robert Coover   Read

“I Stand Here Ironing”   Tillie Olsen    Read

Middle Passage   Charles Johnson   Review

“The Story Of An Hour”   Kate Chopin   Read


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