And this was written eight years ago.


John Brown At Occupy And In Walks Ted Nugent

What would happen if John Brown showed up at an Occupy meeting or leftist academic conference? I can imagine him giving his pitch as he did in Boston back in the days of yore. I do not believe he would be well received, “Authoritarian!” They would hiss at him, “Leninist! Adventurism!”

Clearly Brown lacked what is now called, “A commitment to nonviolent social activism.” His activities in Kansas resemble nothing so much as the early actions of Peru’s Shining Path guerrillas. He and his men dragged fathers and sons out of their houses and murdered them in their front yards This was pure terrorism. Murder to make a political point.

Why did Brown pursue this, “method of critique?” It had become clear that the abolitionist ‘Free State’ settlers were a liberal minority within Kansas. The proslavery southern settlers were a violent…

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