1011174_10151737732672975_412693126_n The Lovings – their Supreme Court case in 1967 overturned laws against interracial marriage in the US.

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An interracial relationship (IRR) is a dating or married relationship between people from different races. This post is about the ones in the US. It is an overview post – click on links to go deeper into a particular topic.

The numbers:

In 2010, 4.1% of all marriages in the US were interracial. The rate was 2.1% for White women, 4.6% for Black women and 17.5% for Asian women.

Interracial marriages, from most common to least:

  • 21.3% Asian woman, White man
  • 19.7% other woman, White man
  • 19.7% White woman, other…

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