Now, that not nice.



Despite the shiny pointy instruments, the noises and smells, I got through the visit to the dentist. There’s a new young attractive dentist, and new hygienists. No one talked down to me. No Cavities!

Now. Tomorrow I spend a day with my mother-in-law. It’s her 75 th birthday party.

Until last year, this woman hadn’t spoke to me or Michael for over ten years. Then at Owen’s father’s funeral last year, she started saying she loved me.  Seriously.  The woman has lost her mind. Maybe she’s on new meds; I certainly know how that is. Our relationship is rather formal, uncomfortable, awkward. She’s nice. I’m nice. I think it’s good to think positive thoughts. I always take a book with me.

Owen and Michael are forgiving because she lost her life partner of 53 years.  Michael and Owen are kind people. Me? I don’t want to be bothered. It was pleasant not to be around Owen’s family. Being dissociative, I shouldn’t be around people like them.

I’ve never been accepted into that family and now I don’t want to be. They don’t accept me because I’m black and Owen is white. We’ve been married over 30 years.

My plan is to smile, eat, and slip quietly into our truck with a book.  Maybe me and Owen’s gay niece can hang out together.

I’ll let you know what happened.