Several years ago, I had the strangest experience.

I was substituting at a special education school trying to learn by observing the teachers working there. On lunch break, I was reading Raymond Carver trying to keep up with book challenge goals.

I never spoke of what I was reading unless asked. A few of the teachers resented my reading.

As  I passed one said, “I read stuff like Jodi Pocult, not the kind of books that some people read. I wasn’t an English Major.”

Another said, “Some people are too educated for their own good. They don’t even use it for anything important.”

I didn’t know what those women were accusing me of.

Was it that I read too much?

Was it that no one should read too much?

Ugh. Whatever. It’s not wrong for anyone to love reading. They were wrong. I wasn’t.  🙂

I just love this kind of stuff.