NYPL has a list in their newsletter, so I decided to do a list too.

Into the Wild   Jon Krakuer   It breaks my heart because my son is the same age as the boy  in the book.

On Thin Ice   Jon Krakuer   I can’t get over the suffering people are willing to go through to climb Mt. Everest.

Olive Kittredge   Elizabeth Strout   Olive seems real to me, not a character in a book.

Remains of the Day   Kazuo Ishiguro    Before I read it, I would have never thought I had something in common with an English butler.

Speaker for the Dead  Orson Scott Card.  I’m in love with Andrew Wiggins.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle   He covers so many topics in his stories. I’m still shocked Holmes shot morphine and cocaine.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde   Robert Louis Stevenson   I’ve got a crush on Mr. Utterson. The book has a timeless quality; he could write the book today, and it would become a classic.

The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf   Mohja Kauf   I cry at the end every time I read it.

Judy’s Journey   Lois Lenski   I like Judy’s spunk and energy. I’ve read it many times since elementary school.

Sula   Toni Morrison   The book contains fascinating characters I want to know more about, and understand, so I read the book over and over.

What ten books stay with you?