Excellent post on PTSD.

Difficult Degrees

COMPLEX PTSD…( DESNOS: disorder of extreme stress not otherwise specified…PTPD:Post-Traumatic Personality Disorder…SURVIVOR)

I’m a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.  It began when I was a toddler, when my mother married my abuser (unknowingly), and continued on and off throughout my entire life at home.  I am Bipolar, I have ADHD, I have Dissociative Amnesia, Depersonalization, Anxiety (obviously), Dissociative Fugue, and Complex PTSD.  When the Complex PTSD began to really fester in me (one year ago, though there were ptsd symptoms since ten years ago)–just before I admitted myself to “the bin”–I was also suffering from psychotic episodes and those–now THOSE were mind-shattering and terrifying–like I wasn’t scared enough with the flashbacks and the delusions and the hearing of voices brought on by extreme stress.  Complex PTSD is the mother of them all, except the Bipolar–that’s the only disorder I was not given but was born with.  These words…

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