Why did the person visit the bar again? Maybe he returned to find something he’d let go of long ago. It wasn’t there anymore. Recently, I found some kids I knew in elementary school on Facebook. I didn’t contact them because somehow I knew they belonged to a different time in my life. It’s interesting the barmaid didn’t acknowledge him

distill life

I walk into a bar
I haven’t been to in a few years.
Not much has changed.
It might smell better or worse,
depending upon your position
on the recently enacted smoking ban.
It’s four in the afternoon on a Monday.
The bartender is a little heavier
than she was back then,
but it could just be
her unkempt hair
and lack of makeup.
She used to doll herself up a little bit,
back when I called this bar home.  
The beer’s cheap,
the whiskey as well,
and I think she might
have recognized me
when I ordered what used to be my usual,
but I didn’t press the issue.
I drank my Wild Turkey,
tipped a couple bucks,
and walked back out
into the Nebraska sunshine.
As I left, another man
walked past me to the bar.
“Was that Tiemeyer?” he asked the bartender.

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