This post gives me much to think about because of how DID has been characterized as negative and false  by those who know very little about it. I can relate to how it feels to have others try to create an identity for me that makes them comfortable.

I have some questions.

How many languages are spoken on the Indian continent? What was the process Great Britain used to dissolve and blend the separate cultures on the Indian continent? Is India a real name or a creation of Great Britain? Is the picture above  a manifestation of Great Britain’s perspective of the Middle East, and if so, is this perspective correct?

Enough questions. Now I have to find out some answers.

This is really the last question. Do I create false identities for people I know and don’t know?



Orientalism (c. 1750- ) is the set of ideas, images, stereotypes, facts, projections, lies and half-truths that the West has about the East, particularly the Middle East, what used to be called the Orient in Britain and France. It is the representation the West has built for itself about the East as the Other. At American universities it goes under names like “Middle Eastern Studies”.

Although Orientalism stretches back to the ancient Greeks and can take in all Asian and Muslim lands as “the East”, in practice it mainly concerns Arab Muslims and is mostly the work of the French, British and Germans from 1800 to 1950 and the Americans since then.

Edward Said, who grew up in the Middle East as an object of Orientalism, took a particular interest in it and wrote a book about it: “Orientalism” (1978)

He studied Orientalism by looking not just at…

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