I’ve been profiled for 48 years and have come to accept that’s the way it will be until I die. Almost every time I go into a store, the employees look at me as if I’m a suspicious character. Someone is usually watching to see what I’m up to. and because of this, there are stores who will never get my business. Every time someone uses the phrase “post-racial,” I shake my head in disbelief. Those who aren’t profiled say I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I think some people want to live in a fantasy world. If it’s not happening to them, that means it doesn’t happen. My son has been pulled over by the police too many times although he’s never been arrested and yet he’s still harassed.

It won’t stop until the majority of so-called white people acknowledge profiling and start speaking up and admit how degrading, humiliating, and wrong this is. Good people shouldn’t have to live this way.

I’m sick of it. I could say so much more, but I’ll stop right here. Thanks for letting me vent and thank you for the post. I am re-blogging.on Shapeshifters.



Racial profiling is where the police, the FBI or other law enforcement singles you out in part because of your race. It affects one American in nine. It is a common experience for black and Native American men, but it affects Latinos and Asians too.

For example:

  • In 1992 the Denver police had a list of suspected criminals. It listed 80% of the people of colour in the city. 
  • The Los Angeles police had the name and address of most young black men in the city – because it had stopped them!
  • From 1986 to 1995, at the height of the Crack Era, not a single white person in southern California was found guilty of breaking any of the crack laws passed by Congress – even though plenty of whites used and sold crack.
  • The FBI spies on Muslim Americans in Detroit looking for a terrorist plot.
  • People of colour…

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