At the end of May I became a vegetarian and reduced the amount of salt sugar, fat, and processed foods  in my diet. I eat no cookies or potato chips. In July I  began riding a mountain bicycle for exercise and fun. My energy level has increased. Blood pressure and sugar have gone down. Cholesterol is excellent.

Very little weight loss.

Recently, my car  broke down. It has no electricity. None. While we’re trying to figure out the problem, I’ve been riding my bicycle out of necessity.

Hardly any weight loss.

Gyn said peri-menopause and medication is causing the problem. My therapist said I need to work with a nutritionist. Primary care said I eat too many carbohydrates.

All parts say it’s not fair. Whine and sigh.

Owen has lost a significant amount of weight eating a vegetarian diet. He consumes many cookies and potato chips. His stomach is getting tight with no exercise.

My lower abs are frightening.

No, I won’t weight train. It’s too much work and would take up too much time. I’m only willing to do ten lower abdomen sit-ups per day. I’ve always stretched.

Vegetarianism isn’t just a diet change, it’s a lifestyle change. Most foods have to be cooked from scratch. Lots of chopping and dirty pans.

I’m fatter now than when I gave birth to Michael. How could this happen to me?

You know this isn’t fair. Right? Right.