Take Away:

 The hair Weave.

 The hair dye.

 The makeup.

 The arched eyebrows.

 The moustache bleach.

The tooth crowns.

The teeth whiteners.

 The wax job-all of it.

 The breast implants.

 The plastic surgery of any kind.

The personal trainer.

The spanx.

Pedicure and manicure.

Keep the beard hairs.

 You know what you have?
Do you know what you have?
A beautiful woman. A real woman.

 Someone like….
That’s right.

 Okay, I do use body lotion, fragrance, antiperspirant, powder, hair conditioner, nail clippers, lip balm, face cream, face soap, mouth wash, toothpaste, and I get a regular hair cut. That’s all I can handle.