The new medication I’m taking gives younger parts the ability to be their authentic selves. This is good because I never got to be a child when I was a child.

Like most children, they (I) want everything to be equitable, impartial, intrinsically, FAIR.

“It’s not fair.
It’s not fair.
It’s not fair.
It’s not fair!”

And of course, they love, need, and want books.

“Why do you get to have books?
What about me?
“It’s my turn.”

An adult part of me answers,

“This isn’t a fair place, never has been, never will be, however, you’re right about the books. You should definitely get to read what you want, sometimes.

So, when I go book shopping I have to buy something for toddlers, elementary aged parts, preteens, teenagers, and adults. Toddlers like me to read to them aloud, while other parts like to read for themselves. The adult parts that write this blog, have to read short stories because there’s no time for anything else. Adult parts also have to be careful of what they read.  I had to give up reading about slavery and Reconstruction.  Those subjects were too violent and scary for the children.

I have read:

A Short History of Reconstruction, 1863-1877  Eric Foner.  Adult

Nothing But Ghosts  Beth Kephart   Girl unravels a town’s long held secret. Young Adult

Golem   David Wisniewski.  Pre-teen

The Teacher who Forgot Too Much: A Field Trip Mystery.   Steven Brezenoff. Children’s Classmates solve a mystery.  Elementary Age

Hansel and Gretel.  Brothers Grimm.  Toddlers

The Emperor’s New Clothes.   Hans Christian Anderson  Toddlers but All parts love it.

The Snow Queen  Hans Christian Anderson.  Toddlers, Elementary age, Preteen, Adult. A girl searches goes on a journey searching for her friend  kidnapped by a supernatural being. Fantasy

Puss In Boots  Charles Perrault.  Toddler

Sadie and Ratz  Sonya Hartnett. Elementary Age

The Tide.  Sally Cartwright  Pre-teens  Explanation of the moon’s pull on the earth’s waters.

The Island of Dr. Moreau.  H.G. Wells  Teenager

“Cathedral.” Raymond Carver Adult

The adult parts have enjoyed many of these books too, probably because they’re the books I read when I was a child, which is now. This is so cool. Finally I get to be myself. Yippee whoo hoo!

If you’re interested in any of these books or stories, many of the full texts are linked to the page “What I Read 2012″ on the right side of this blog.