It’s time for blatant Colorism has to be examined and discussed. All my life I’ve been told verbally and tacitly by family and others there’s something wrong with my chocolate-brown skin. It has caused a lot of pain for all of my parts, my sisters, and cousins. Now lighter skinned, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Zoe Saldana is being cast to play descendant of slaves, North Carolinian, dark brown Nina Simone.

Nina Simone

Zoe Saldana

Nichelle Nichols

I know the main stream audience is more accepting of lighter skin but this is ridiculous. Nina Simone was proud and verbally outspoken about her experience as a darker skinned woman with African features. I was also upset when Saldana was cast as Star Trek’s Uhura who was originally played by that gorgeous Nichelle Nichols.  In my opinion Saldana was too light to play that role, but she sold tickets. So what will directors do?  Maybe they’ll put very dark makeup on Saldana, give her nappy hair, a wider nose, and fuller lips. Or they could cast an actress that looks more like Simone.

Article from the New York Times about Saldana playing Simone.