Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID is a condition caused by severe emotional and/or physical trauma. As a child I divided my one whole consciousness into parts in order to break instances of shocking and gruesome abuse into something I could almost live with. 

I thank the Spirit for the ability to split up my conscious mind because without dissociation I’d probably be dead or in prison. It was very difficult when I’d lose time and have no idea why. I thought I’d lost my mind and at the same time thought “One day I will find out what’s happening to me. One day I’ll understand.” Eventually I did. Now I’m co-conscious which means I don’t lose time and my parts communicate in a way I can’t explain. I like the parts of myself.

I am a sweet, smart, strong, funny, kind, mischievous, ornery, a pain in the butt, sillly, wonderful, baby toddler girl teenager woman. Sometimes it gets to be too much. Parts want to read their own books and laugh about things  an adult shouldn’t, but I like talking to myself.  I like being able to see who I am. Without my parts I would be lonely, so alone.

In many ways I am so blessed.