During the month of September I will be featuring Miss Lucille’s poetry on this blog because I love her.

“man and wife”
she blames him, at the last, for
backing away from his bones
and his woman, from the life
he promised her was worth
cold sheets. she blames him
for being unable to see
the tears in her eyes, the birds
hovered by the window, for love being
not enough, for leaving.

he blames her, at the last, for
holding him back with her eyes
beyond when the pain was more
than he was prepared to bear,
for the tears he could neither
end nor ignore, for believing
that love could be enough,
for the birds, for the life
so difficult to leave.

“nude photograph”
here is the woman’s
soft and vulnerable body,
every where on her turning
round into another
where, shadows on her
promising mysterious places
promising the answers to
questions impossible to ask.
who could rest one hand here or here
and not feel, whatever the shape
of the great hump longed for
in the night, a certain joy, a certain,
yes, satisfaction, yes.

Taken from quilting poems 1987 – 1990 by Lucille Clifton.