“Oh yeah life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.”

Owen and I were listening to the radio as we were going to Walmart when John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” came on.  Video on Youtube.

Owen said, ” Yep, I know what you mean.”

I said, “Is that how you really feel?”

It was a dumb question because that’s was what he just said, but I felt hurt because he’s married to me. I feel that way too. Remember, we’ve both been dealing with my DID flashbacks, triggers and depression for 15 years, and believe me, that can drain the fun of anyone’s life.

We are both over fifty and have settled into set habits that are rather difficult to break because we’re use to them.  After dinner we like to sit, watch television or read.  Then we take our showers, go on the internet, and on to bed. It’s not what we would call fun.  What we have is a comfortable but mostly boring life.  We need to change things up sometimes.

What we decided to do is repair our bikes and start riding the bike trails around the area.  We’ll probably go camping for one night if I can get over my disgust of bugs that crawl on people like me. We both got hooked on that show Downtown Abbey and watched two whole seasons on Amazon.  That was fun.  We’re trying to come up with more.

We want to go to Monticello.  (It was built mostly by slave labor and yet Jefferson gets all the credit.) We could go see a play and on a short boat ride in the area. (I’m scared to go on a long trip after seeing that cruiser tip over off the coast of Tuscany.) I want to go to the National Archives.  Owen wants to go to Daytona. I see no reason to always be together.

We must do something before it’s too late.

Emil Bisttram - Embracing Couple 1931 - Original Size 21.5x21.5 Mixed Media Painting

Embracing Couple (Consolation) 1931, Pastel on Paper by Emil Bisttram (1895-1976.)