As far as I know I’m primarily a descendant of slaves and it’s likely my ancestors came from West Africa. Owen’s family is Irish and German, so that makes my Michael African, Irish, and German. Who knows what else is mixed in there?

I’ve been studying American Reconstruction and it’s been very difficult. It’s been slow going. This stuff would be tough for anybody to get through, but I think it’s harder for people who  have experienced and witnessed violence. Thank God I’m taking an online course at my own pace. If I were in that classroom, I wouldn’t be able to stop crying. There was so much violence and hate. I didn’t know over 600,000 men were killed in the Civil War.  That doesn’t count the wounded or civilians. Damn! Slavery caused so much pain and misery.

I haven’t even gotten to the Irish history yet. I read somewhere that during the potato famine whole families died and their bodies were left rotting in their hovels. I don’t know how anyone could survive the famine or slavery.  Yet they did.

American Reconstruction Online Courses

I am extremely proud to be a descendant of  Africans and extremely proud of my husband’s Irish  lineage. We come from strong, brave people. It helps to know that their genes are a part of us, especially because my parents told me I was a piece shit. It’s not and never was true.  Hallelujah!

Unforturnately I haven’t studied German history yet. All I know is that it was part of Prussia at one time. And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able read about the Middle Passage or the Jewish death camps.  Once again: Damn!