I was so tired today.  It turned out a young part needed to share how she’s feeling.  For some reason, talking to myself about painful issues always wears me out.

So I started reading Honey, Hush!  An Anthology Of African American Women’s Humor Edited By Daryl Cumber Dance.

Please don’t take offense.  My people are from Arkansas and Alabama.  You ever heard those accents?   Um hum.  When I first heard them speak, I thought they had speech impediments.  This is no joke.

On page 613 of the hardcover there’s a section name of “West Virgina Medical Ternminology For The Layman.” This is some of the terminology:

Artery          The study of fine paintings.

Barium        What you do when the C.P.R. fails.

Benign         What you be after you be eight.

Vagina          A state just south of Maryland.

Outpatient    A person who just fainted.

Morbid         A higher bid.

Tumor          An extra pair.

G.I. Series    Baseball games between teams of soldiers.

Grippe           A suitcase.

Urinalysis      What you get from your psychiatrist.

Laugh it up!