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NCAA Rulings:
$60 million fine
 Loss of all coach Joe Paterno’s victories from 1998-2011
Four-year ban on bowl games
Loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years
Five years’ probation

What are people out there thinking?  These posts are from Fox Sports Website.

I don’t agree with all these posts.  I don’t understand how anyone could defend Paterno.

Oct131960:  “NCAA is punishing the university as they should be.  How could there not be collateral damage to students, etc?  Goes with the territory.  Very sad story all around, but Penn State is getting what it deserves.”

This is basically how I feel, but I truly feel sorry for the players who worked hard for those winning games.   I, (Radicalhope) don’t think the taking away of winning games is fair, but there definitely needs to be a very harsh penalty for the cover up of the rapes of children.  The players didn’t know about Sandusky and yet they have to pay a price for what he, Paterno, and the administration did.  There may be an appeal process and I hope the fourteen seasons of wins are restored.   I’m  disgusted with everyone involved , but not the players.
all_things_LA:  if a father, a husband, a son, a brother……..if this man commits a crime, and is sent to prison, does his family NOT suffer b/c of his crime? and yet, do we hear people crying about a man sent to prison? no, we do not. we do not b/c regardless of those others “involved” in that man’s life, he must pay the punishment for the crime he committed.

like it or not, those persons in charge at penn state committed an engregious crime by turning a blind eye to sandusky and what he was doing with those young boys, the entire university is guilty b/c of not only sandusky’s crimes, but b/c others in positions of power at the university were more consumed with the success of the football team’s program than they were for those victims of sandusky.

scholarships are lost, which sucks for SOME students, but OTHERS will simply attend ANOTHER university, especially those fortunate enough to be so talented as to play varsity-level football. they will survive……..who gets affected are the alumni who are used to pouring into the stadium every home-game weekend to see competitive winning footbal played……………..OH WELL.
I agree with this too.  Obviously I’m conflicted.

Honey337:  @Ricky_Davila An accomplice (Paterno) is a guilty as the actual perp.  If Paterno was alive I would fully expect him to have been prosecuted.

steelrules:  Anyone ever see the 98 incident report.  DA knew, police knew,  Child Welfare Services knew.  Detectives knew.
When will investigations of the these governmental agencies begin?
BladeTx:  How come no one is going after Second Mile on this? That is where he meet his victims isin’t? Also there was only one event that took place while sandusky was an employee of Penn St. So why make Penn St pay for this with loos of wins and money? Oh I forgot Second Mile is bankrupt and Penn St has hugh endowment that why its Penn St not Second Mile who provided him with victims not Penn St.  Yep.
Zorkai191:  How can people sit there and defend someone who knew that children were being molested and sexually abused and did nothing to prevent it and make it stop? Think about those kids, Paterno put football over the children’s safety and thus does not deserve his hall of fame status or the credit for the wins. Think about if those were your kids that were being molested and sexually abused and the only man that knew about it and could help them didn’t…
Whitey2tighty:  While I understand the severity of this, what I don’t understand is why innocent players/team members and faculty have to pay for the crimes of a few. I think the NCAA has overstepped a tad here.
Freyman: This is a problem in our society, not just Penn State.  Freaken preditors everywhere.  Send the message to them, not some football team, give them the death penitality.  What a tragety all the way around, no one wins, especially the victims.  Joe Pa can be the scape goat, but he is only one small piece in this whole debacle.  Bottom line, however, the dispicable actions of Sandusky should have been exposed by those who were in a position to do it.  I LOVE Joe Pa, may he rest in peace.  What a shame!
Kbbpsu82 Rex, Really?  The NCAA is one of the most feckless “enforcement” bodies ever created.  They pick and choose which schools to punish, and decide based on dollars.  They are a corrupt organization from the top down.  Do some research on them and you will see how much these crooks make per year, especially Emmert. The PSU punishment is based on public perception and outcry, nothing more, nothing less.
MASLUCKYLARRY But they DID see the crime as it was being committed.  That’s what a cover-up is.  Knowing what’s going, while it’s going on, and then neglect doing anything about it.  They were caught keeping it a secret from anyone outside the inner circle. In turn, this allowed many more years of abuse to many children.  This was not a case of ‘We should have known’.  It was a case of ‘We did know, and we did nothing to stop it because it would hurt our football program’.  Is that acceptable to you?  Is that something you would condone?  If you were one of those at Penn State who knew, would you have kept quiet about the abuse, at the expense of the children, for the sake of the football program? Kind of sounds like you would, and that’s scary.