The newest medication I am on has helped my sweet little big kid parts, preteen and teen-aged parts to feel less fearful to speak and expose themselves.

I use the word expose because it’s how I felt in the past when parts came out.  Now I feel safe enough to share rather than expose myself with the one person I truly trust.

The person I trust the most is my husband Owen (he chose the alias).  Parts come out and talk to him because he’s the nicest man they ever met. I feel sorry for him.

I feel sorry for Owen because the thoughts of my parts are usually contrary to how the average person thinks.  My husband doesn’t understand where I’m coming from.  My parts tell Owen when they’re angry or if he scares them because they trust him.  I’m trying to explain to Owen that when he thinks we’re scared of him, it’s actually the opposite.

It’s difficult and confusing being married to someone dissociative.  Say a prayer for Owen.