My son Otis and I were talking about the wisdom of Solomon from the Bible the other day. I told him I didn’t think Solomon was very wise.  What man would choose to have 600 wives and concubines?  Hey, what’s a concubine?  After thinking more about it I think the point of the story about Solomon and his wisdom was that he was as wise as a man can get.  Man, not Woman.   Ha.

Duke, My husband, didn’t think it would be fair if women started judging men the way men judge women.  I think most woman are getting boob implants to compete with other women to get men.  I told Duke that women should start pitting men against one another by encouraging men to get dingaling implants because  a number of women don’t want to deal with those tiny ones.  I could work with that.

Kidparts want a part of this: Men need to do something about their bathroom smells and  falling asleep in chairs and the rough hairs on their face and always wanting to drive their cars first.

I have a little brother (age 35) named Chauncey  who broke up with his girlfriend Agatha but they still talk every day.  I asked why?  He said he would ask her.  Typical

That’s all we have to say.  Today.

*Names changed to protect the exposed.*