I had to post some of the reactions to Sandusky’s conviction.  These are from Huffington Post.

Miss Fish: The “problem” with men like Sandusky that make it so hard for folks to believe… is that they seem so “normal”. They are such “nice guys”. They are fathers, husbands, brothers. They don’t get into trouble. They have friends, family, all their neighbors know them to be friendly and even helpful. They are clean cut and got to work every day, just like everyone else. Society doesn’t expect someone that “normal” to be a child molester. Society is still hoping & thinking that the “bad” guys are trolls, mean, ugly & live “under a bridge”. They fool a lot of people. And hurt a lot of children.

Movewitme: Charges should be filed against his wife for turning a blind eye while her own son and other boys were brutally molested by her husband.

SteelerFanMan: Funny watching him shake his head in disbelief on the way out. The self-absorbed, egomaniacal mind has no conscious and is incapable of accepting it did something wrong. It can convince itself that it didn’t even happen.

Jezebelle75: I said this once before and it got scrapped, but I truly believe that he has been doing this a much longer time than people think.  A person doesn’t just suddenly wake up in his 40s/50s and start molesting young boys. I think there are probably also some kids from back when he was MUCH younger, say teens, 20s and 30s. Someone who was so confident in his secret actions to do it *continually*, constantly, he always had a boy he was molesting….he’s comfortable with his actions, which would indicate to me a long length of time of knowing what to say and do to deflect any sort of suspicion.

Maxout22: Now they need to go after the top officials of Penn State who knew about Sandusky’s behavior and did nothing about it.

That’s all I can handle.  I’m so glad he was convicted.  It sends a message out to other pedophiles.  Not that it will stop them, but they will know what might happen when and if they are caught.