I’m trying to find a job.  How do I account for the two years I have been struggling with severe depression to potential employers?   Do I tell the truth?  I think the truth will make employers prejudiced against me.  They will probably think I will have an attendance problem and increase their insurance rates. Then there’s my age and weight.   I have no idea what to do.  If I tell a lie what would sound like the truth?

The amount of medication I have to take freaks me out.  I take meds for asthma, high blood pressure and depression.  My doctors say   “What if you had a heart attack or cancer?  Would you not take your medication?  These are serious chronic conditions.  For the most part they are not your fault, but your blood pressure might go down if you lost weight.”

I love my son but he did some things in the past that crushed the kidparts, teenage parts, and hurt the adults parts.  What he did mostly was ignore his family for a year.  When asked why he offered no explanation.  Can we ever fully trust him?  Then some of the parts have a hard time recognizing him as an adult.  They ask, “Where is my boy?”  They always thought he was the coolest boy they ever met.  My husband explained that he had grown up and that a part of him was still that boy but now he is a man and still our son.  We are thinking about what he said.  The kidparts love to hug our son.  He is very big and smells good.

Where do my memory problems come from?  Sometimes I forget to pay bills, answer comments, do chores.  I walk into a room and cannot remember why I came in.  Do my problems come from depression, DID, or menopause?

My mind is full of too many thoughts and when I try to do one thing at a time I find myself running out of time.