I’ve been looking for a job.  So far no luck.  My husband told me I need to find a job that I enjoy.  There doesn’t seem to be any jobs that fit that description.  All the jobs I am finding involve working with the public and multi-tasking.  I’m good one on one; I sold Avon for fourteen years.  I do better working behind the scenes independently and doing one task at a time.

I love lists and of course I love libraries.  There is a job available in a library that requires that the candidates have experience with the library computer system.  I have a little but I need much more, so I will be increasing my volunteer time at the local library to learn more about the computer system.

I do understand some things about blogs.  It would be good if I answered my comments.  Sorry.   I’m not ignoring you.    I’ve haven’t been on the computer as much in the last week.