All Survivors have their horror stories of mean, untrained therapists.  This is one of mine.

When I started therapy about 15 years ago I went to an organization that charged according to income.  At first I had a really good therapist.  She was the one who diagnosed my DID.  Of course at that time I didn’t believe her, but that’s another story.

It happened like this. My original therapist left and I ended up with a young therapist who knew  very little about DID.  She may have been in the wrong profession because the woman was cold.  I had the feeling I needed to go somewhere else, but I didn’t.  Once again I wouldn’t listen to my gut feelings.  One day she came in and told me the budget was cut and I had used up my time with the organization.  I never knew there was a time limit.  So I asked her what she thought I should do.  At the time I was very spacey and depressed.  I will never forget her words, “I don’t know but you can’t ever come back here.”  Somewhere in my brain I knew she was being cruel, but I didn’t have the ability or energy to stand up for myself.  I just got up and never went back.

It could have been that she didn’t know what she was talking about.  The fact was I felt uncomfortable in the place and needed someone kinder and more knowledgable about DID.  I ended up finding an excellent therapist.  It was good that she told me to leave.

What made me think about this particular incident is I got a letter in the mail from this organization today asking for money.  If I had some money I would give it because they helped me very much.  I hope that young woman got herself together.