This may cause Triggers…Triggers…Triggers…..Triggers!!!!!

I want to say this in a respectful and mannerly way without being too explicit.  This is about women’s private parts and business marketing.

Lately there have been certain companies (Summer’s Eve,Vagisil) that are trying to sell products by insinuating that a woman’s private parts offensively stink in their natural states.  You know that commercial where a woman thinks other women won’t talk to her because she supposedly emits a strong odor.  Then there’s the one where they try to sell flower fragranced washes for female private parts. Listen you wonderfully smart intelligent people because I’m only going to say this once: a private part isn’t supposed to smell like flowers or coconuts or lemons.    It’s supposed to smell like what it is.

These commercials nauseate me.  

If there is an abnormal, unpleasant smell, a person should go to the doctor.  For most people regular washing with a gentle cleanser does the job.  I’m not even going to mention the lighteners and tighteners.  Yes, these exist.

Don’t let marketers trick you, your wives, daughters, sisters, and friends with gimmicks to sell products that prey on women’s insecurities.

The fact is that real men love a woman’s natural scent.  Men have been trying to get at private parts forever or how did the world ever become populated?

Okay.  I done for now.  I’ll always have something to rant about.