Several years ago my sister told me that I was sinning and putting myself ahead of God by acknowledging my birthday.  She stopped celebrating her birthday when she became a Jehovah Witness and so she thought that other people should live their lives the way she believed.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that.  Of course she wouldn’t and couldn’t live her life in a way that was against her conscious.

Online I have met all kinds of people.  Once a woman was offended because she didn’t think vaseline should be used by everyone.  I had to gently explain to her that I meant me.   What threw me was that the post was clearly about what worked for me.  In no way did I say or think she or anyone should follow what worked for me.

Then I had someone blame me for what they were feeling because I gave my individual opinion.  The person doesn’t know me and obviously never understood my intentions.  He or she jumped to their own conclusion and acted as if it had something to do with me.

It’s important that everyone thinks for themselves.  It’s okay to come to different conclusions.  There’s nothing wrong with having contrasting opinions.  We can agree to disagree.  That’s the way I think we should be, but of course you may not see things that way.

In the future,  starting right now, I am not going to let  any adults blame Radicalhope for what they feel or think.  Let’s face it; I need all my mental energy to try and keep myself straight.