A Child's Book of Blessingshttp://www.amazon.com/Childs-Book-Blessings-Sabrina-Dearborn/dp/184148010X

I found this book at a library sale.  It is so pretty and soothing that I want to share some of the blessings it has in.

Blessing For Peace.  Peace to you from my heart to yours.”  Sufi

Water Blessing.   “Waters of Life Pour forth upon our thirsty world.”  Christian

Bedtime Blessing.   “Great Owl of Dreams, Wings soft and furred with dark, Soar though my sleep To that tender place between the eyes and heart. Bring me the dream in your mother beak, The dream to feed me and teach me and guide me, Great Owl of Dreams.”  From Celebrating the Great Mother

New Year Blessing.   “May you have success in all endeavors. May you have peace and health in the four seasons. May your happiness be as wide as the sea. May all your comings and goings be peaceful.”  Chinese

Fire Blessing.   “Remember, remember the sacredness of things  Running Streams and dwellings  The young within the nest  A hearth for sacred fire  The holy flame of fire”   Pawnee