This books scares the hell out of me.  There is nothing wrong with the book. It is actually an excellent book.

What happened is I was taking a Senior Seminar class with this rigid abusive teacher and could hardly function.  I was going to lead the class in a lesson on this book and I couldn’t do it because I had gotten into two arguments with this teacher because I got sick (probably because of her) from stress and ended up in the emergency room and mixed up some dates that assignments were due.  So I was far behind in my work for the class and felt there was no way I could catch up.  On top of that her student assistant bullied me and she did nothing to stop it.  My kid parts were terrified.  Eventually I dropped the class and did not graduate.  The fact is that I shouldn’t have taken the class because I had the professor for Literary Research and she made me sick then too, but I needed the class to graduate.  I decided to take it anyway.

Now I want to read the book but and enjoy it without having flashbacks to that terrible time in my life.  It has been three years so I think I will try it and see what happens. If it upsets me I will put it away for another time.

Set in the future United States, wars and circumstances have created a society in which some people have access to computers through a chip implanted in their brains  The people who are the have nots don’t have the chip or access.  These have nots are fighting for their rights by forming underground groups.  There is a life form, a sort of robot created by humans and he is starting to develop a consciousness and has need and wants of his own.  He (the robot or cyborg) becomes romantically involved with the main woman protagonist.  Then a part of the book goes back to the past to the 1600’s in a Jewish ghetto where a rabbi is constructing a golem to fight for the Jews.  How does all of this come together?  I don’t know.  Wikipedia tells the plot better than I do.  It has been three years since I read most of this interesting book.  The truth is I love this kind of stuff.,_She_and_It

I will write on the blog if I was able to get through the book.