For some reason I always need some down time when I start taking a new medication. Actually it is two new medications; I’m taking one for depression and one for high blood pressure.  I haven’t been able to concentrate on only one of my three blogs.  But as usual life does go on.

My son is moving in with his girlfriend.  He’s old enough.  It is just strange to think of my baby with a woman though I understand he needs companionship like everyone else.  I still think of him as my child.  In reality he is a grown man who is still my child and always will be. 

The new psychiatrist that I’m going to reminds me of me.  Her approach to new patients makes sense.  She did a physical and mental workup on me.  No other psychiatrist ever did.  The new drug she wanted me to try has lifted my depression and some of my fatigue and I am only at half the recommended dosage.

I feel ready to start writing again.