Michael Crichton is one of my favorite writers because I love mystery, history, suspense, and science fiction.  My kidparts aged nine to fourteen really love this last book Micro put together from unfinished notes found after his death in 2008.  It was co-written by Richard Preston.  I haven’t read anything by Preston, but I’ll be checking him out.

In Micro seven graduate students have a life and death adventure in the hills of Hawaii.  How will they survive?

This book was written for adults, but I think it appeals more to children.  My kidparts like things that gross them out so they can say “Pughhhhh, that’s disgusting.”  The book does have plenty of that kind of stuff and some profanity.  Older parts don’t approve, but the kids in me say they have heard much much worse.

Michael Crichton has made complicated scientific concepts more accessible and helped me remember that I am a part of the natural world.  I truly appreciate and miss him.