I volunteer at the local library once a week.  This week a woman left her children at the library as if it were a child care center.  When I saw the children running  around the children’s section looking cute with shoes untied, I thought somebody responsible for them was somewhere around probably on the computers.  It happens all the time.

One of the kids came up to me wanting to get on a computer.  I told her to go get permission from her parent and I would set her up on one.  As I was looking for books, I kept an eye on them and so did the other people  working there and visiting the library.

When the mother came walking through the door about a half hour later,  I was  somewhat irritated because she was acting as if the library were a babysitting service.  Then it occurred to me that at least the mother did have the sense to leave her children in a safe place.  That library is full of good watchful people.  Even my kidparts concur and they have very high standards.