I am disappointed.  Disappointed in myself because I did not expect my doctor to be so defensive  For some reason, I expected him to be more concerned about my health and well being.  But of course once again I was being naive.  After all this man has a reputation to protect.

I have had high blood pressure for about five years.  The drug Cymbalta that I take for depression can cause blood pressure to rise in a small amount of people.  My psychiatrist has never checked my blood pressure.  My primary doctor did and we could not come up with any reason  for the recent rise in my pressure excepting the increase in Cymbalta dosage.  It could be something else, we just don’t know for sure.

When I told my psychiatrist he said, “I’ve never had anyone’s blood pressure rise from Cymbalta in the past.”

I replied, “Well, maybe it wasn’t the Cymbalta.  I just don’t know.”

Then he said, “I need to know these things in case it happens to someone else.”

What he said made sense to me, I just think that if a doctor has a patient with high blood pressure and the drug makers state there is a small possibility for blood pressure rise, it might be a good idea for the doctor to occasionally check the patient’s pressure.  I’m just sayin’.

I have been continually looking for a new psychiatrist.   I felt funny  after two appointments with this doctor.  At first, it wasn’t that he had done anything to cause me to feel that way, I just did.  Also, as I am going through the last bit of perimenopause into menopause, I want someone who is more aware of how hormones react with medication.   When I asked my current psychiatrist about this he told me to go to the gynecologist.  Obviously, he does not feel it is his place to know these sort of things but if possible, I would like to find someone who does have this sort of knowledge.

I told him I wanted to talk with the other psychiatrist in his office my therapist had recommended to see if she has the experience I am looking for.

He asked, “Who is your therapist?”  Then he said, “Yeah, I would ask her about experience if I were you.  So. this is our last appointment.”  He began to write it down.

I was puzzled because I had not told him that.  I said I was looking for someone else.  He seemed to take my need for more knowledge personally, as if I were rejecting him.  In a way I suppose I am, but I have a lot of problems and I need to get the best medical care that I can for my money.  We are all human and have feelings.  I think I hurt his feelings.  He should not let me see that.  Kid parts became scared and uncomfortable.  It was not appropriate.

What will happen?  I don’t know.  The psychiatrist my therapist told me about has not called back.  The staff at the counseling office seems to think it’s odd that I want to talk to the doctor before I meet with her.  An administrative person told me that ” if I switched doctors, I would not be able to switch back.”  I explained to her again that I wanted to talk to the doctor, not switch to her.  It may be time for me to move on.