May Not Want To Know, But I Am Telling Anyway

1I use hair oil for cooking.  Yes it is true.  I have kinky hair and it needs to be moisturized on a regular basis.  Light olive works very well.  It is also very good for baking cookies.  I replace the margarine, butter, or shortening with light olive oil.

2.  I was a Woman Marine.  I am also married to an ex-Marine. I was trained  to use an M-16 rifle and it helped me lose my fear of guns.

3.  I am introverted in public and extroverted with close family and friends.  I always tease and pick with the people I like the most and have to be careful because it leads to misunderstanding.

4.  Although I have very short hair and wear little makeup, I am not a lesbian.  However, I have decided to be one with people who insist.  And I have met lesbians exquisitely made up with long pretty hair.

5.  I am almost fifty years old.  I know a lot of things, mostly learned from experience.  At the same time, there is much I do not know.

6.  Needed to add something.  I am a large black woman, but I do not enjoy taking care of children.  I can do it well when I have to.  I do like certain children because of their personalities.  For the most part, I can tolerate children for about thirty minutes and then I want them to go home.