When a person is suicidal they can’t think rationally.  For example, when I get really depressed, I mean the kind of depression when I have no energy, no hope or joy, I am totally convinced the people I love and the whole world would be better off without me.  This is a very, very dangerous place to be in mentally, because I don’t have the ability to think my way out of it.

If you ever find yourself feeling and thinking this way, you have to get help.  Get help because there are people who will be LOST AND DEVASTATED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES if you kill yourself and you may be sorry too!  Keep telling people how you are feeling until someone listens to you and takes you seriously.  Do it even though you don’t feel like doing it.  Seriously.  This is very serious.  When you are feeling better and your brain has more of the chemical mix it needs, you will see that I am right and I usually am.  🙂