I found a psychiatrist in my area that takes my insurance.  My last psychiatrist was very good.  She was willing to try different medications and listen to me.  She retired several months ago due to her age.  She was 85 years old!  Anyway I am nervous about meeting this new person( a man) but I need some adjustments in my medications so I will be able to function.   Will let everyone know what happens today.  Say a prayer, and wish me good luck.

Well it went ok, but I couldn’t find the place.  One of the manifestications of depression for me is that I get lost easier than I used to.  Mind you, I was always a little dizzy, but now it is worse than ever.  I was so nervous I forget to take the address with me when I left.  I figured I could find it.  You know what?  I did after driving around for twenty minutes.

I had to fill out 5 pages of questions  on a clip board for my visit, read a patients bill of rights, my privacy rights, and promise to come back and piss in a purple cup at midnight.  Ok, I’m joking about the purple cup.  I was shocked to be seen on time.  This rarely happens for me. 

I have a male psychiatrist this time.  I am so used to women.  Anyway he was all business. Asked me all the standard questions.  He seemed nervous to me because he kept his expression the same and he hardly moved when he spoke.  Maybe he was trying to keep me calm.    I keep forgetting psychiatrists are human too.  Sometimes I think they forget, but I am getting off track.  He told me that he did have some experience working with people with dissociation, that he was from West Virginia, been practicing sice 1990, worked at a well known local mental hospital. 

I told him I was tired of being spacey and tired.  He told me he couldn’t work miracle cures and I said if he could he would probably have a magic wand.  In the end he increased the antidepressant that I am already on which was what I would have done, but I didn’t have to suggest it to to him, so I’m hoping it turns out for the best. 

 Now I am searching for the cheapest way to fill this presciption.