Once I had a therapist who rode a Harley.  She told me that when she was learning to ride it, it kept falling down.  Finally she asked an experienced rider how to keep the bike up and he told her “don’t let it fall.” 

I’m not sure how these two thoughts relate but what she said reminded me of what I recently learned about bullies.  They pick on people because they can.  I always thought it was something about me and there was.  I did not have the ability at those times to defend myself.  What I have learned is that if someone comprehends you will not let them build themself up by putting you down, they will leave you alone and move on to someone else. 

When I have the strength, I can use it to push those kind of people away from me, because like all of us with Dissociation, I am extremely strong.  Most days I use up most of my energy just trying to stay alive, but I must be getting better because I am beginning to have a little umph left over here and there.