When I confronted the woman who was supposed to be my mother about how she sexually abused my self and siblings, and sold us as prostitutes, she chuckled and said, “Well, you’re getting help for it, ain’t ya?”  Then she began to call me every kind of nasty name she could think of as she had been doing all of my life. 

She never denied what she had done except to authorites who could punish her.  She seemed to enjoy my pain and misery, and the fact that she had committed so many horrible crimes and was never imprisoned.  How does a person become so twisted and sick?

I do know that she was a part of a cycle of abuse.  She was sexually abused by her mother I think.  I say this because my grandmother sexually abused me and my aunts and uncles cannot speak of their mother.  Only God knows what she did to them.  My guess is they all lived a nightmare. 

How far the cycle goes back I do not know, I just want it to end now. 

I think they feel so ashamed, like I do.  As if we had any control over our mothers as babies.  That is when the abuse starts; both women took advantage of the needs of babies for closeness and their innocent way of not knowing how the world works.

It is sad and heartbreaking, and yet it is what is so and has to faced and dealt with for the best possible outcome.