Pilgrim’s Journey (link on the right) has a really good blog post on what to expect from a good therapist.  I was really surprised to read that some of the things that other people suffered from therapists were exactly like some of the bad experiences that I have had in the past.  I thought it was just me, as if I had a “mess with Radical” stamp on my head.  There are some people who are not qualified to be therapists, but they are out there anyway.  So don’t be surprised or discouraged when you come across a few here and there.  It’s not you, it’s just life.


I think it’s important to interview a therapist before you meet them to see if they are willing to answer your questions and if you think they will be a good choice for you.  Ask them about their professional and educational backgrounds, and if you can call back if you have more questions.  Good therapists will be thrilled that his or her potential clients care enough about themselves to ask.  If they don’t want to talk about their professional qualifications or if they cut you off and try to get you to make an appointment with them when you have not asked for one, let that person go.  Very good indicator of what kind of therapist that person would turn out to be.