I feel so horrified, angry, and heartbroken.  Finishing this blog post was  difficult because of Shaniya Davis’s vulnerability, and I know in my heart what happened to her could have happened to me or anyone when we were her age. 

The story of this beautiful child’s victimization by her mother and  pedophiles brings to light the universal myth of a mother’s love.  Most adults know that not all mothers love or want their children, but they find it hard to think about this ugly and painful reality.

Like you and I Shaniya had a personality of her own, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and the open mind of a five-year old child full of wonder, curiosity, and silliness.

Not having much to go on, I began to think about the nature of the average five-year old girl.  You probably have children of your own, nieces, granddaughters, sisters, cousins or neighbors very much like Shaniya.

 Children her age like to color, play games, be tickled, read to, and ride their tricycles or bikes with training wheels.  They like to eat french fries and cookies, tell knock knock jokes, cuddle, giggle, skip, dance, sing, and listen to music.

 Most five-year olds watch cartoons like Sponge Bob, play computer games, do not like getting shots, taking medicine, or eating vegetables.

At this age children usually still believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, witches and that they themselves are powerful and strong, and the world is full of fascinating wonders waiting to be discovered.

Shaniya has become a symbol or representative for all the blameless children who have been murdered not by monsters or evil hobgoblins; she was killed by a human being who looks no different from you or I.  The fact of the matter is: She was a person very much like me.