My little sister said you know what made her angry was that not only did we have to try to heal from the abuse that happened to us, but while we were doing it we had to deal with the usual difficulties of life. 

I told her yeah that we were like those weeds that grow through the cracks in sidewalks and they’re beautiful and you wonder how they did it.

Some times people have told me that I needed to be strong, but they did not know that I was just hanging on,  trying to make it through the day took every bit of strength I had.  Now that I am stronger, I realize that many people don’t know much about dissociation, and that they are afraid to ask.

They don’t know what a blessing dissociation is.  They don’t know how strong willed and creative most dissociative people are.  I don’t think most of them want to know.  They just want to live their lives based on whatever knowledge they believe to be true.  Not everyone.  Just most people.  I know that I am not the only one who has suffered. 

Thank the Spirit of Love that I am healing.  I am grateful for the huge blessings that are threaded throughout my life and have always been.  I am glad to be alive and myselfs.